AC4G Intel P4 Specifications Copper Base Heatsink

Technology Unique, patent-pending thermo-electric cooling for PC processors. Microprocessor-controlled in PCI form factor.


Thermal load INTEL P4
Maximum Thermal Power 59.8 W 61.5 W 81.8 W
SiSoft Sandra CPU Benchmark 32°C 33°C 45°C
CPU Burn In 32°C 33°C 39°C
Intelmaxpower75% 33°C 34°C 46°C
Typical* 30°C 31°C 29°C
* Typical indicates how the CPU performs under typical stress of Windows applications (Office package and other more intense applications).
All tests were performed at room temperature of 25C. Indicated software was run for 20 minutes to create thermal load. Temperature for all Intel P4 processors was measured with Intel Active Monitor software. A ThermalTake XaserII case with front and rear 80x80x25 case fans was used in all tests. Test results may vary depending on case design and air flow.
Noise level, CPU fan 29 - 45 dBA, dependent on load, <29 dBA in typical operation, dynamically controlled by microprocessor; patent-pending noise reduction technology
Noise level, case fans 3-step microprocessor-controlled: 6, 8, 12 VDC, control according to PC ambient temperature and CPU load, smart noise-reduction algorithms
Response time to CPU temperature change <1 second

PCI Card

Installation Occupies one PCI slot
Input voltage 85-265 VAC, 50-60 Hz, wide-range, automatic
Power consumption from mains 72W Peak
Standards UL, FCC, CE, VCCI
Sensors On-board PC ambient temperature sensor, CPU temperature sensor on Cooling Assembly
Dimensions 191 mm × 116 mm × 22 mm

Cooling Assembly

Heat sink Copper Base
Cold plate Aluminum
Fan 12 VDC, 70 mm × 70 mm × 15 mm, 36 cfm, PWM controlled by PCI card
Thermo-electric unit AC4G, custom design
Weight 540 gr

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