User's Guide

The following instructions are for experienced computer technicians. For detailed, illustrated instructions and for troubleshooting refer to the AC4G User's Manual.

Quick Start instructions:

  1. Shut down the computer and disconnect it from the electricity.

  2. Remove the CPU heat sink. Caution: the CPU may be very hot. Do not proceed until the CPU is cool to the touch.

  3. Apply a thin layer of silicone compound (from the small sachet) to the top surface of the CPU.

  4. Position the Cooling Unit on the CPU so that the cold plate sits squarely over the CPU.

  5. Use the heat sink clip (AMD) or clips (Intel) to clamp the Cooling Unit securely to the retention mechanism on the motherboard.

  6. Place the AC4G Power and Control in any free PCI slot.

  7. Connect the small connector of the Cooling Unit to the CPU fan connector on the motherboard.

  8. Connect the large connector of the Cooling Unit to the input/output connector on the back of the Power and Control Unit.

  9. Disconnect the front and rear case fans from the PC power supply. Connect (daisy chain) the front and rear fans to each other, and then connect them to the front/rear case fan connector on the back of the Power and Control Unit.

  10. Verify that the CPU fan and all case fans are unobstructed.

  11. Connect the supplied power cable to the power plug on the bracket of the Power and Control Unit, and plug the other end into an electric outlet (100-240V).

  12. Turn on the PC and verify that all three LEDs on the Power and Control Unit are lit.

  13. Put the PC cover back on.

Installation is complete.

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