1. What is AC4G?
    AC4G is a PC processor cooling and computer noise reduction system. The AC4G is based on solid-state thermo-electric cooling. AC4G’s microprocessor controls the cooling power of the thermo-electric unit to ensure that ice and condensation never form.

  2. Where can I purchase AC4G?
    Active Cool does not sell directly, only through distributors. Please check with your local computer components distributor, on computer hardware web sites, or on our distributors' list to find out where you can purchase AC4G.

  3. Which processors can you cool?
    Intel Pentium 4 and AMD Athlon XP.

  4. Can AC4G be used with other processors?
    Each kind of processor has its own socket. So far, AC4G has been designed only for Intel Pentium 4 478-pin, and AMD Athlon XP.

  5. Which motherboards does AC4G support?
    To the best of our knowledge to date, AC4G can work with any motherboard that is compatible with supported processors.

  6. What components come with your systems?
    The AC4G consists of a Power and Control Unit and a Cooling Unit. The Power and Control Unit is a PCI card; it comes with a power cable to plug into the electrical network. The Cooling Unit comprises a fan, fan cover, heat sink, thermo-electric unit and cold plate.

  7. Can I add your cooling system to an existing case?
    AC4G installs in less 90 seconds in any existing case with an empty PCI slot. For best performance the case should have at least one front and one rear case fan.

  8. Where can I get more information on the installation of an AC4G system?
    Each AC4G retail box is supplied with the AC4G Quick Start Guide and the AC4G User's Manual.

  9. Can I connect the CPU fan connector directly to the motherboard?
    No, the CPU Fan Connector must be connected to the AC4G Power and Control Unit as described in the AC4G Quick Start Guide and AC4G User's Manual, otherwise the computer will not function properly.

  10. Should I leave the jumper in or take it out?
    The AC4G will operate correctly with the jumper either in or out. You may experiment to see which mode you prefer. Our recommendation is for AMD XP processors up to 2400+ to start with the jumper in; AMD XP processors 2700+ and above, start with the jumper out. Intel P4 up to 2.53 GHz, start with the jumper in; Intel P4 above 2.53GHz, start with the jumper out.

  11. Do I have to worry about condensation?
    No. Power to the Cooling Unit is controlled by a microprocessor, which senses the CPU temperature more than 40 times per second. The microprocessor never allows the CPU temperature to reach below 28°C. This prevents condensation, under all circumstances, even in the hottest, most humid climate.

  12. What type of maintenance does AC4G require?
    AC4G does not require any maintenance.

  13. Can I replace your cooling fans with another type/brand?
    AC4G is a engineered package solution for your heat problems. Yes, you can change the fan and get better performance. However, altering the product in any way may damage it, alter its performance, and will void the warranty.

  14. Are SubZero4G from ThermalTake and IceAge from Globalwin the same product as AC4G?
    The SubZero4G, the IceAge and the AC4G are all based on Active Cool's technology. Active Cool provides the Power and Control unit and the cooling manufacturers combine it with their own heatsink, fan and cold plate. Each heatsink, fan and cold plate is designed differently, therefore the performance might change significantly. For more information about performance, please refer to the specifics of each of the products.

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